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Save a life!


Hatzalah is an organization with major expenses. It costs Hatzalah significant sums to train volunteers as certified EMTs, equip them with lifesaving equipment and provide for continuing education.

Here are just a few of Riverdale Hatzalah's costs:



Dispatching & Communications 



Vehicle Insurance


Medical Supplies


Continuing Medical Education


Medications (ALS) 


ALS EKG Monitor & Defibrillator


Repairs & Maintenance of Vehicles


Vehicle Fuel




Two-Way Radio


Medications (BLS)


2 Ways to Donate!

#1 Donate online by clicking below:


#2 Mail your donation to:

Riverdale Hatzalah
3700 Independence Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10463

Checks payable to "Riverdale Hatzalah"

Riverdale Friends of Hatzalah, Inc. is a New York State Not For Profit Corporation and is a tax exempt charitable organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3).  Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.   


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